about this group

We are men of conscience in search of answers to questions that will help us define our roles and responsibilities in a complex and evolving world. It could also be said we are a rag-tag assemblage of confused male test dummies trying to keep one another from doing the stupid things only men might do, while having fun hanging out. The group’s purpose is, like us men, ever evolving.

  1. Important Notice #1: Getting to the meeting on time is more important than stopping to buy snacks. Don’t sacrifice group time to get snacks. Seriously.

  2. Important Notice #2: Check the attendee list confirmations regarding snack decisions. Example: if you are the only confirmed attendee, you might bring one snack-sized bag of Doritos; if there are, say, 20 confirmed attendees, you might consider bringing twenty 8-ounce filet mignons done medium rare. Up to you.

  3. Important Notice #3: The host will provide coffee, tea, and/or other delightfully refreshing beverages.


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what to bring

TEXT/TEL: 817-807-5080  or  EMAIL: brw100@gmail.com

Major religions have calendar start dates marking the beginning of epic periods of human development thought inspired by divine intervention. Human beings, however, have been evolving since long before these spiritual timestamps existed. man-ˈkīnd (this group), therefore, abides by its own unique pre-religion calendar, notable for the historical period that would be dominated by the Anatomically Modern Human or AMH (that’s us). Our “kind” has been globetrotting for roughly 200,000 years, so presently we are living in the year 200019 AMH. Join us for a short presentation and riveting dialogue about The Male Identity in 200019. Discover what has and hasn’t changed over the past 200 millennia and what to expect going forward.

Are you a man looking for authentic connections and honest and open communication with other like-minded men? Then you should start a group like that and invite us, because it sounds great! We, on the other hand, are a diverse-minded bunch of men guided by unifying principles, in search of defining our unique strengths to coalesce around a common cause for the sake of unity, peace, justice, and prosperity. Diversity is our strength. Unity is our goal. Justice is our trademark. Prosperity is our tribute. We ceaselessly strive to better the world and ourselves.

If you still have questions after reading all of that information above (you did read it, didn't you?) please contact me (Brian) @

what we do



  • The essential unity of humankind (our actions must bring unity)

  • Independent investigation of the truth (we are loyal only to the truth)

  • Elimination of all forms of prejudice (we strive for inclusivity)

  • Equality between men and women (we steadfastly promote equality)

  • Harmony of spirituality, science, and reason (accepted science, logical analysis, and moral acumen inform our consultations)

Every two weeks, we meet at a predetermined location (clandestine should circumstances demand) to consult about our roles and responsibilities as men in relation to a topic selected for discussion. Expect the content to be relevant and timely, and likely to spark lively discussions marked by clashing opinions and thoughtful insights. We consult rather than argue. We work together, not against one another. We focus on solutions instead of complaints. We value reason and fact above characterization and conjecture.

man-​ˈkīnd is neither a nonprofit nor for-profit organization and is strongly affiliated with no other organization real or imagined. No large animals were harmed in the making of this electronic document. Names have been changed to keep me out of trouble with the very people I so desperately want to name. Nonprofits are tax exempt or charitable, meaning they do not pay income tax on the money that they receive for their organization, but none of this applies to us. We pay sales tax for gum and things like that. As a non-nonprofit-not-a-for-profit organization, I am not at all convinced we can legally operate in religious, scientific, research, or educational settings. We basically operate wherever free space is available. Indemnity, liability, more legal jargon, blah blah blah, yada yada, have a nice day and don’t let the screen door hit you on the way out. See you at the next meeting.

benefits (non-refundable)

email for address

FRIDAY, March 15, 200019
7:30-9:30 PM​

  • A full stomach, if you bring snacks!

  • A free caffeine buzz.

  • Camaraderie with earnest, well-wishing men looking for win-win outcomes from collaborative consultations.

  • A forum to test your critical thinking on dicey topics that otherwise escape scrutiny at work, in social settings, or even at home.

  • An opportunity to garner intellectual, psychological, and emotional tools for managing situations relating to said dicey topics at work, in social settings, and at home.

  • A degree in medicine, any specialty of your choosing, if this group can convince you to attend and graduate from an accredited US or Canary Island Medical School.

  • A fun time, if you like that sort of thing.

  • An optionally mandatory chance to play or listen to some live music.

  • An opportunity to better yourself as a man, husband, father, brother, friend, and so on and so forth ad nauseam.

we're working on it



our guiding principles

  • Empowering Ideas: E=MC2 kinda stuff… no pressure.

  • Apolitical viewpoints: Not “a” political viewpoint, “apolitical” viewpoints. Got that?

  • Character: Either show character or be a character (the latter is preferred).

  • Authenticity: Because being authentic is cool, right? Am I right? Hello?

  • Positivity or Energy: Be either positive or energetic, but not both, because people will just think you’re showing off.

  • Inspirational Attitude: Uh, do your best, okay?

  • Veritableness: You must be able to say this word 10 times fast on demand.

  • Openness: The exact opposite of closedness.

  • A Musical Instrument (MANDATORY!!!): Bring your grand piano, harp, bagpipes, whatever. Did I say mandatory? I meant optional. NO, IT IS MANDATORY! Not really.

  • Good Humor: We provide reasonable accommodations for the amusingly challenged.

  • Thick Skin: Not only do we welcome rare medical conditions, but also one’s eagerness to discuss biting issues, because opinions will clash, baby!

  • Friendlinessness: Because friendliness with merely one “ness” insufficiently describes this group’s strong devotion to camaraderie and inclusiveness.

  • Moola, Bread, Scratch, Chump Change, C-notes, Frogskins, Benjamins, or Plastic: In case your ride leaves without you and you have to UBER-it home.

  • Snacks: Anything will do… potato chips, jerky, crackers, Beef Wellington, Lobster Bisque.

  • Yourself: Yes, you! We want you! Oh, and your snacks. Make no mistake, YOU are the most important element of this gathering. P.S. don’t forget the snacks.